The Lofty Full Course 105km:

If you have never ridden around the Monarto/Rockleigh Lofty Ranges before then you are in for a real treat. The Lofty 105km highlights the best of these off pavement roads as a real showcase of the en grave style riding in the Lofty Ranges.

Full 105km Course Link


The Lofty Mid 65 km:

The Lofty 65km is the mid strength highlight reel of the event. It is ideal for either a solid hit out or more relaxed cycle style for the day. (Note: course has changed this year, cut out Steep hill climb!! upon popular request…)

65 Mid Course Link


The Lofty Mid-Lite 45 km:

The Lofty Mid Lite is the Lighter version of the rides that provides all the highlights of the scenery but suitable for the time constrained or beginners wanting to push themselves a bit more.

Mid Lite Course


Lofty Fun Lite 21 km:

A fun for the whole family course.

Fun Lite 21km Course link


Federation 30/60 km:

The first 30km is a warm up to the final 30km single trail onslaught… The course is  a clover leaf design with the first 30km taking you on a mixture of track and single trail suitable for beginners and intermediates. The halfway point brings you back to Ride H.Q. for a quick refuel. From here, riders pass the Monarto Zoo outskirts before hitting some sweet flowing single trail to the beginning of Kinchina Conservation Park. Here you embark on a stunning adventure through Rocky Gully, up the Link Trail and a play around the newly formed mtb trails of Kinchina. Riders climb up to White Hill then take on the winding Princes Hwy scrub serpentine trail back through to Monarto.

The Federation 30km option will open at 1pm and you can choose between the 30km Easy Rider (1st half of 60k) or the 30km Tech Savvy course (2nd half of 60k)

Likely trail map here:


Night Grinder 40 km:

Make a weekend of it! Post Federation 30/60 dinner or pre “Night Grinder” Dinner included in ticket. This course is a fast blast around 40km of premo Gravel Grinder country taking in undulating gullys, and winding back roads. Pure night time gravel grinding bliss…

Night Grinder Map Here: