Riders will start in waves according to their challenge distance.

1.         Lofty 105 km

i.              Registration time: 07:00-07:30

ii.             Briefing time: Start chute, 7:50am

iii.            Start time: 08:00am

(NOTE: there are ride cut off times in place and you may be short coursed if you can’t adhere to the minimum required average pace required. We need you back safely before dark!)


2.         Lofty 65, 45 and Fun 21 km

a.            All riders start together

i.              Registration time: 08:00-08:45

ii.             Briefing time: Start chute, 8:50am

iii.            Start time: 09:00am


3.         Night Grinder 40km

a.            All riders start together

i.              Registration time: 17:00-17:45 (included dinner from 18:00)

ii.             Briefing time: Start chute, 17:55

iii.            Start time: 18:00:Sunset



Ride HQ will be held at the Monarto Sports Complex, Schenscher Rd, Monarto. Access is via the Monarto exit of the SE Fwy, cross the Old Princes Hwy and turn right into the complex where marshals will direct parking. The event village has good facilities including halls, toilets, canteen, children’s playground and bbq provisions. Non powered Camping is available and comes on a first in first served basis. Local accommodation is available at Murray Bridge, Balcony on Sixth is our preferred provider and bike minding service are available at ride H.Q. (bikes locked in hall overnight)


Ride HQ is where riders will register, deregister and gather for socialising. Upon completing the challenge, riders will be able to hand in their ticket for their meal (included in entry price)



Riders will start and finish the course at  Ride HQ. Upon finishing, riders will deregister at the timing table, then obtain a ticket to collect their meal and refreshing beverage.

Any rider who withdraws from the event for any reason whatsoever, must notify Ride HQ Director on 0431 638 721 so we do not coming looking for you after the event. As part of your entry, a meal will be served upon finishing along with Water to rehydrate. Drinks and other food will be available to purchase on the day/night also.

Night Grinder riders meals will be served post-ride. Hot soup, bread rolls, snag and bread and a beer await you!

We aim to have a number of drum fires on the night for general rider camaraderie, warming up and telling tales!



As this is a challenge ride and not a race, no prizes can be awarded for category winners. Bragging rights however are completely optional and times will be recorded for interest’s sake!



There will be ample car parking at the event Ride H.Q. located within the grounds of the Monarto Sports Complex. We ask all entrants to enter the complex via the southern entry where you will be then directed by marshals to the parking areas.

As this is a challenge ride of sorts, and not a race. All roads travelled on this ride are public roads and traffic may be encountered. There are no road closures in place. Please follow all local road rules and be careful at intersections, blind corners and hill crests etc. Whilst warning signs will be in place and marshals located at major intersections, we still require you to be careful out there and courteous of all road users. Locals will be advised of the event and many will be volunteering their time to help run the event. Offer a friendly smile and a hello. There should be minimal traffic during the event and given its location however, there may be the occasional driver unaware of the event in progress.

We strongly advise and ask all riders to carry and have on at all times at least a rear flashing red light and even front white lights. Early starters may encounter fog and slow riders may return close to dusk.



To help you have a hassle-free time at the Lofty 105 / Gravel Fest rides we will be providing the following services to riders.


Clothing Security

We are happy to look after a bag of clothing whilst you are out riding so you have some clean clothes to get changed into after the ride. All clothing must be in a single bag, with your name, rtelephone number clearly marked and must be dropped off at the ride registration marquee at Ride H.Q. before your ride. Clothing will be available for collection from the same spot upon presentation of your ride number plate anytime on Sunday

Overnight Bike Security

There is a hall that will be locked overnight upon last night grinder in and reopen at 06:00am


Hydration and nutrition stations

**New Rockleigh CFS station which we have been supporting is has been completed and will be used as an aid station this year. See where your proceeds from this event have been going to!!**

105km riders:

Hydration/snack stations are provided on the day. Fruit, cake, biscuits, lollies and hydration will be available at the following points:

  • 31km (tbc)
  • 60km (tbc)
  • 85km (tbc)

65km Riders:

Fruit, cake, biscuits, lollies and hydration will be available at the following point:

  • 31km

Water will be available at the 15km and 49km mark


45 & 21 km Riders:

Hydration will be available for 45km riders at the 15km point. However, you should be carrying enough of your own hydration and snacks to get you through a short 21km ride.

Night Grinder 40km:

You will need to be self sufficient