Is there Water/Refreshments available on the course?

Yes, there is aid stations strategically placed around the course and services all ride routes (21/45/65/105).


Is this event Supported? Can I have a support crew? Can I ride unsupported?

This ride is designed to be ridden unsupported. To ensure all riders safety, any support crew, spectators, family and friends are kindly asked not to drive and follow riders on the course. We are happy for supporters to meet riders at strategic intersections along the course as long as they use a route that does not include the ride course. In the event of mechanical failure on the course there will be a roaming mobile mechanic on hand to lend a hand and a sag wagon to pick up those wishing to no longer continue or are past the cut off times. We hope that anyone in need will also be offered assistance by others as this is a friendly challenge ride and not a race! Please tell other riders about what assistance is required so they can pass on information to marshals in order to render you assistance.

Is the course marked? Are the roads closed to public? Will I get lost?

The course is pre marked with red arrow markers throughout the course and directional arrows at intersections. At selected intersections there will also be marshals to direct you. It is recommended you carry the map given to you at registration and pay particular care at intersections to ensure you stay on course.

The roads are not closed to public, all riders need to take care and follow local rules. We suggest single file at all times for safety, especially near blind corners and hill crests. For safety we also recommend the use of a rear red flashing light and for those doing the 105km a front light.


Will I get phone reception throughout the course?

We advise the use of at least 3G Telstra network. Some valleys, gullies may have poor reception which should be resolved when you reach a high point.

What if I fall off and get injured?

For minor cuts and grazes we will have first aiders who can come out on course to patch you up. Due to the length of the course, this may be sometime. If you are seriously hurt, call 000 first then the event director/medical support. We will arrange bike transport back to ride hq and if need be for yourself also.

What sort of bike should I use?

The course is predominantly graded/ gravel/ loose stone roads. This year there is a 2.6km single track section included. Choose your bike and tyre width accordingly to your skill level. Road bikes with narrow tyres are not advisable and will prove treacherous on some of the stretches of roads. Cyclocross style bikes will be fine as should be hybrid bikes fitted with an aggressive tread pattern for some extra grip. Don’t use slick road type tyres, you will regret it. Mountain bikes are fine too and will be the most popular choice of bike for this event. The regular Gravel Grinding fraternity will have their own specially modified speed machines..

What equipment do I need to carry with me on the day?

A Bike. A helmet that is Aus safety standard approved. Enough hydration, food to last you at least 20+km.A bicycle pump and spare tubes. A working  rear red light for all Lofty 45/65 and 105km riders.


Pre race equipment checks
Don’t forget to double check your bike for any mechanical issues before the race! It it pays to make sure your bike is in good working order and ready to ride well before the event.

Equipment list 

Compulsory equipment

  • a First Aid kit comprising at least: 2 x crepe bandages, 2 x non-adhesive wound dressings, 6 x steri-strip wound closures or quality bandaids, 1 x triangular bandage, 1 pair surgical gloves.
  • Mobile phone (there is moderate mobile reception on the course so they are worth carrying and could be essential in an emergency)
  • Capacity to carry 1.2 litres of fluid.

Suggested equipment

  • spare tube and pump
  • 2 bottle cages and bottles (or carry a hydration backpack)
  • Chain breaker, allen key set, spoke key, small bottle of bike lube,
  • Food / hydration
  • Rain jacket and/or thermal top/space blanket.

This may sound like a lot of gear to be lugging around on a ride and in many cases you won’t need it all. However, if something does happen to you or your bike in a remote location, you’ll be well equipped to deal with most situations or stay safe until help arrives. We also recommend you carry and apply sunscreen and sunglasses.

Is there anything for kids and family members to do whilst I ride?

You bet! Monarto Zoo is right next door. Why not organise them some tickets? This Zoo is amazing!